@ndegruchy It’s unfortunate but even something as simple as a calendar app takes a lot of effort to cover the edge cases and make it polished and powerful. Very rarely does open source make something as full featured, so companies are gonna do what they do (make money).

Notable exception: Blender

@njha oh, I understand. Software development is hard and time consuming. Making money off of it is often difficult.

That being said: I don’t have sympathy for businesses. If you get into this game and don’t have a long term survival plan, then you’re going to fail. That’s on you. Monthly plans for basic functionality is just prolonging the inevitable.

I am, personally, tired of the surge in subscriptions. It feels like everyone’s got their hand out to leech off of the consumer.

@njha @ndegruchy True, though nothing is at all simple about a calendar app. As soon as you have to deal with dates and times, you are well and truly fucked. And then you get Daylight Savings Time on top of that.

@bamfic @njha absolutely. Though I would think that they’re using libraries to handle all of that. No one in this day and age is trying to recreate that nonsense.

Much of their work benefits from the lower platform anyway. Accounts and connections are handled by the built-in accounts system, so they don’t even need to talk ActiveSync (et al.). Their deal is primarily handling display and parsing input, which is no small feat, but c’mon, it’s also not 4$/month, either.

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