Anyone know if it's possible to get a .ie domain if I'm not from Ireland?

@njha "(Future) domain holders must show that they have a real, and verifiable connection
to the island of Ireland. Depending on the type of applicant, there are a variety of ways
of showing this connection.
For example, individuals could provide proof of Irish Citizenship or residency within
the 32 counties of the island of Ireland. [...] Where a (future) domain holder is unable to show this connection, they are refused
the right to use a .ie domain."


@Matter Thanks. I did read that but sometimes there are services that get around that for a fee (by having an Irish person/company register it for you). Was thinking along those lines, but maybe not.

@njha that would work, but any contract giving you rights on it would be void and you would actually depend on a person's good will (ie they could take it away from you with no notice or keep it hostage and make you pay huge sums or whatever)

@Matter Good point, I didn't think of that.

It might still be fine if I can find a service like that though, as I just plan to redirect it to a friend's personal site for novelty purposes.

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