My entire business is on Google services now...

Backend: Google Cloud Platform
Frontend: Flutter
Marketing, Calendar, Files, etc: G Suite
TLD: dev
Registrar: Google Domains

We're paying zero people other than Google for any services. Crazy.

I'm starting to think this is their backup business model if/when advertising becomes less profitable.

All their offerings are significantly better in terms of ease of use compared to Microsoft (Azure + IdP) / AWS (EC2, Beanstalk).

@njha Interesting. How do you find their services? For business documents and such. I looked at them for a while but its hard to convince other people that web document editing is a thing.

@ndegruchy My team has no problem with using it. In fact, downloading and using Office was a non-starter, they unanimously wanted it on the web.

And for the most part, access control and everything just works. No confusion when someone says "It's in the drive".

@ndegruchy Oh, and they now allow you to edit Word documents without converting them to Google Docs.

So when we get sent Word docs from clients we can still do things with them. It's pretty cool.

@njha That's kind of "All your eggs in one basket". Are you really sure it's a good thing?

@neildarlow oh no, it’s not necessarily a good thing - just something I noticed

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