MySQL deleted all my packages last week. Not too big of an issue since I'm installing them as I need them, but it's mildly annoying.

@JacobNeplokh From left to right...

smcFanControl -> Allows you to set the fan speed yourself, useful since Apple lets the laptop get pretty hot before ramping up the fans.
Alfred -> App Launcher and instant CLI, one of my favorite productivity tools
Duplicati -> Backups are important
Spectacle -> Window Manager for MacOS

@njha Just checked out Alfred. That looks amazing and I’m definitely gonna get it.

How has your experience with duplicati been? I just use time machine, but are there reasons to not use it?

@JacobNeplokh Time Machine doesn't support B2 or I'd use that. B2 charges me ~10 cents/month for backups which is an absolute no-brainer payment :P

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