Now I'm me, and Apple's marketing department is legendary, but I'm pretty sure the biggest mistake Apple made was not pricing the monitor at $5999 and just including the stand.

People who thought $5000 is overpriced would think $6000 is overpriced, but then no one could make fun of them for releasing a $1000 monitor stand.

@njha wait what? the stand is 1000 dollars? Like... I remember some people commenting that the monitor is at least actually a really good monitor (I don't know the specs nor can I verify what similar monitors go for) but seriously? 1000 for a stand...

@gaurdianaq Yeah, I didn't believe it either when I first saw it. Maybe they're expecting companies to buy it instead of people? I know some office furniture is multi-thousand dollars and advertised to provide at least that much value in ergonomics or something.

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