When rm -rf takes 3 hours to delete 2GB of files... 🤔

@njha What happened? I probably would've killed it after 10m.

@njha I have found that using GUI applications are faster than rm, so I open a gtk window every time I need to delete something more than just one file

@jex I normally do that too, except this was on my server so I didn't have the option of opening a GUI file manager. Owell.

@njha did it follow a symlink to somewhere else?

@mattmcnutt It was a few million small files in a glusterFS partition replicated across 2x Class 10 SD Cards. Pretty weird scenario, but file deletion shouldn’t be this slow :(

@njha @mattmcnutt The less files the faster. If you had one file at 2GB in size, it would be a quick delete.

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