I think I've said this before but I love the shared/dockless electric scooters idea and really want it to succeed.

It really sucks that people are destroying the scooters and throwing them in rivers :(

@njha I love that people are doing that, I hope it continues. American VCs should not be allowed to inundate any more markets with their buckets of money only to use the monopoly to exploit people after that. And no corporation should be allowed to litter our streets with their crap that requires proprietary software to use, tracks you everywhere and sells your data to the highest bidder

@Matter What monopoly? Every city where I’ve seen them has at least 3+ competing companies.

The proprietary app and tracking are bad though, I’ll agree with that.

@njha I've only ever seen bird, maybe there were others and I just didn't look with enough attention.

Bird has somewhat the same strategy as Uber: bleed cash and corner the market thanks to their VC money

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