All contacts apps have these incredibly outdated services listed under "usernames". Why?

ICQ looks surprisingly nice and is still updated though, what...

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@njha because modern chat apps don't allow 3rd party clients or expose APIs in many cases.

@gentoorebel That's true.

It has nothing to do with the list in a contacts app though. I bet it's literally just a hardcoded array with these words in it.

@njha oh, somehow I missed the word 'contacts' in your post. I assumed you were setting up Pidgin or something along those lines.

@gentoorebel It's too bad there are no "better" UIs for libpurple. Pidgin is pretty dated (and doesn't seem to be getting feature updates), but there are still libpurple plugins for a lot of modern chat services (Telegram, Discord, ...)

@njha I don't mind the dated UI/UX. I still use it on the daily for everything except IRC, and that's only because weechat is so good.

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