It's obviously very much still a work in progress, so I'm looking for early feedback. Someone wanted a mention... I think it was @JacobNeplokh ?

This looks great.

The heading "Stop Using Popular Services" almost sounds like, "Use services nobody likes." Perhaps a heading like, "Replace Services that Track You" would be less intimidating?

Also browser plug-in suggestions: Privacy Badger by the EFF (uses heuristics instead of block lists, and dead simple), and Multi-Account Containers (moderate difficulty).

@pcrock Good ideas - added them to the website. Thanks!

@njha generally speaking it this is great! Especially likes the social networks section 😁

But I would add also KaiOS based phones and “dumb” phones into mobile section.

Regarding email, there is also tutanuta (or totanota, don’t remember exactly) and posteo.

Also, you can link @switchingsocial website, there is a plenty of useful applications, services and recommendations

For KaiOS it is to be said, that they cooperate with Google to get more into emerging markets. As far as I read there is a lightweight Google application stack on these phones. These phones also may not have such a deep control over the permissions of a single app nor may somebody able to install something like Exodus Privacy on it. Btw, the latter would be my recommendation to this website.
@njha @switchingsocial


Thanks for the feedback!

I initially didn't add Tutanota because they don't support IMAP (as such, it might not be for everyone). Now that I think of it again, it might not be a bad idea to list.

I'll definitely link to @switchingsocial - looks like a good resource. 😀

@njha @switchingsocial also, there is protonmail with pretty same issues, but it is considered as “private”

@Nikhil Jha @alexcleac
Social Media alternatives are quite limited...

@max I really only felt like Mastodon has the potential for widespread appeal.

If you go to - it's pretty user friendly and explains everything very well. Meanwhile, other platforms either

- Don't have clear links to instance finder
- Don't explain the concept of federation
- Don't have "pretty" websites

(or some combination of those three)

@njha definitely a great start :)

A couple of possible additions:

Password managers: pass (maybe as a "medium" between bitwarden and self-hosted bitwarden)

Email: Protonmail

@codesections Passwordstore seems okay, but I'd definitely list it as "difficult" just because there's no UI. (Even though it's not *actually* hard, terminals scare the heck out of most people.)

I also initially hesitated with adding Protonmail because they don't directly support IMAP. I added them now but with that as a warning.

Thank you for the suggestions!

@njha You might mention Through them I've set up my email, nextcloud and calendar.

Really nice what you've put together though!

@njha Nice! It reminds me of, the more of these resources, the better it is for people to learn about security, safety and privacy in the digital world!

@joachim Oof, I didn't even know that existed.

Oh well. At least I got a neat markdown compiling workflow out of it.

@joachim I'm going to convince myself that mine is better because privacyplan...

- has no google analytics
- recommends FOSS over non-FOSS when the FOSS solution is good enough
- doesn't actively encourage using Facebook and Twitter
- content is Creative Commons instead of Copyright

Their website is MIT licensed so I may want to simplify and reuse it...

@njha very true! FOSS alternatives should be put on the forefront, and zero thinking has been done on securitychecklist regarding Facebook and Twitter

Nice article. I guess I need to do the AdBlock to UBlock Origin switch.

In the same section, you might add: remove Stylish and replace with Stylus.

@leadore That’s a good one, I forgot about that. Thanks!

@Nikhil Jha @alexcleac
Mastodon is feature limited and can't compete with rich social medias. It only feat for specific users. You can't assume all social media users will accept to limit themselves with this software.
Beside, you don't even talk about the federated aspect (which is the only positive point of Mastodon). If you want to be a minimum serious, you have to list other (and more advanced) solutions.  Your narrow-minded vision of this specific point don't push to read others points (Browser Addons, Email...) because we assume you don't know your subject neither...
@max @njha
If I may add: Mastodon UI is quite complicated (or bad designed) compared to other solutions (like #diaspora )
I didn't even found how to have a column with a stream of people and tags I follow...
So they are right, you should talk about other alternatives. You don't know users needs...

@nolan @max

Oh, I'm not going to disagree with that. I'm just saying that I need a website to link to that explains everything well.

I checked Diaspora (and Friendica) and they seem to have one, so thank you, I will add them.

Misskey's is also alright, but a little rough (most of it is mixed JP-EN so it's hard to understand).

@nolan @max Also, this is one of the things I should have made clear.

I don't want to create a list of ALL alternatives, or even the technically "best" alternatives.

(In the social media category) If they aren't user friendly, I don't think they should be listed.

Thank you for your input.

@njha Great collection of tools. Thanks!

I'm using Ghostery on #Firefox but I might switch back to

@petar If you *need* to have something other than an adblocker, use Privacy Badger by the EFF.

Otherwise just install uBlock Origin and you're good to go.

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