“I can opt out [of services from big technology companies], but people might not realize I’ve left, or might forget, even if they do know.” - Gizmodo

Luckily I’m at a point in my life where almost everyone I want to talk to is reachable over whatever I want to reach them over, but this won’t last forever.

Some people exclusively use FB Messenger, so I may even need to get that eventually.

Network effects suck.

@njha Convince them to join something – anything – on the Fediverse. That eliminates such network effects.

@wizzwizz4 That's true, but IMO there is only one user-friendly piece of fediverse software, and that's Mastodon.

Everything else is too hard for people to sign up for.

(In English-speaking countries at least, I understand that Misskey and things might work out in other countries.)

@njha Then let's do something about that, shall we? This _is_ FOSStodon, after all.

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