It's actually insane that you can buy the current location of practically ANYONE in the United States for less than $5.

...and it's not even a virus or anything that you can avoid, it's your cell carrier.

You're practically forced to have a phone, or you're at a disadvantage in various situations. What do you even do?

Could you subscribe to a VOIP provider and access it through VPN with the aforementioned precautions? (Not an expert on VOIP services, just thinking)

@jiminycricket Yeah that would work, and you could get calling that way too.

I actually do something similar with Google Voice (just remembered, I should move away from that) for my home phone.

@njha 'Frederike Kaltheuner, data exploitation programme lead at campaign group Privacy International, told Motherboard in a phone call that “it’s part of a bigger problem; the US has a completely unregulated data ecosystem.”'

And when the GDPR was introduced to prevent such things in the EU, Americans mocked us for it or even called it "evil".

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