I’m making a list of steps that people can take to improve their digital and . What do you think should be on it?

@njha Take a look at (@switchingsocial) and Definitely a password manager (KeePassX or one of the online ones), web browser other than Google Chrome, DuckDuckGo/StartPage/SearX for search, and Tutanota (on mastodon @Tutanota) or ProtonMail for email. Possibly a VPN such as ProtonVPN or NordVPN, Nextcloud (a free limited instance is Disroot @disroot) or Syncthing (haven't tried it yet though).

@johanv @njha @switchingsocial @disroot Great idea! Should you need any input, we're here to help. 😀

@johanv @njha @switchingsocial @Tutanota @disroot I'd recommend avoiding "online" password managers (where somebody else is potentially in control of all your passwords) at all costs. IMHO, passwords belong only on machines that *you* fully control software-wise and only *you* have physical access to. Also avoid non-FOSS managers, obviously. Local FOSS password managers on your own Linux box with full-disk encryption etc. are fine, I guess.

@njha Of course, a major step could be switching to or . Not to mention and all the related fediverse-compatible networks (, , etc)!

@njha Ooh, also @fdroidorg and . I tried to install lineageOS on my phone, but none of my attempts to root it worked, so I'm holding out for the from @Purism

@inditoot @njha @fdroidorg I have a Motorola Moto X 2014 (2nd Gen) with Android 6.0:
I got it used for cheap from a family member.

@njha Ungoogled Chromium if you dont mind building it and your extensions every now and then

@njha awareness on how present advertising works and how it is affecting the privacy is a need to describe I believe. All the best!

@njha Not use Chrome, Windows, gmail, Whatsapp, FB?
Use Linux, Wire, Signal, Fdroid, Tutanota :)

@njha On Android: Install without gapps (i.e., no Google Play services running in the background) so that you can avoid a whole lot of tracking by Google. Avoid apps that include the Facebook SDK to avoid a whole lot of tracking by Facebook.

@njha pi-vpn into your house, pi-hole for ad-blocking w/ DNS over HTTPS to encrypt all DNS queries, and a high end dd-wrt compatible router to VPN right back out through a no-log provider.

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