This is probably going to turn into a JS rant thread...

Why are all *FOUR* of the http libraries I used to use no longer maintained?

I have to write JS for a thing I'm making, but nothing is making sense and I *really* need types.

I enabled typescript but I have to write configuration to make it work so time to dig myself further into this hole instead 🤷

Might be time for me to switch off Clear Linux. It’s fast and has excellent battery life but installing packages is downright annoying.

Say what you want about blockchain, but I think giving a few billion dollars to random fans of cryptography / free software / decentralization was generally a good idea.

Blockchaining everything isn't a smart business move, but by convincing people that it is, we have a potential future where things are actually decentralized/federated/private.

I'm optimistic.

Been using lightning network for all Tech / Restaurant / Misc purchases for the last 4 months now. Slightly less convenient than Android/Apple Pay, significantly more convenient than a credit card.

Sometimes I wake up and I just have $10 more or less in my account. It’s fun that way too.

10/10 would use again

Anyone know if it's possible to get a .ie domain if I'm not from Ireland?

There's also the issue with how easy it is to deploy...

For appengine I just copy pasted some commands and now I deploy with one command.

To get the same system going with NixOS will take me a few hours-days at best.

My app is currently in Elixir in Docker in Google AppEngine, which is insanely expensive. I get the equivalent of a $5 VPS for 1000% the cost.

DigitalOcean has managed SQL and a $5 VPS... so I'll probably move there when my gcloud trial runs out.

Download links, though these aren’t particularly useful if you don’t go to these high schools.

No user accounts required + no PII collected, though there is Google Analytics. I want to replace that asap but I can’t find a good and robust replacement to track usage.

I’m building a tool to help make computer science education (esp. at the high school level) better.

Students at participating schools will be able to participate in building an app used by their peers, including the entire software development experience with normal tools that people actually use.

It’s been trialed for a year at our first school and we’re expanding to more now! Ideas and/or help finding interested schools would be appreciated.

This is open ended on purpose, play with whatever rules you want - just be sure to post!

Let's make bingo boards to predict what will happen at area 51 tomorrow!

- 5x5 grid
- middle is a free space
- Either post your bingo board itself or an image hash (if you want to keep it secret) within the next 6 hours. Use .
- Winners get a sense of pride and accomplishment.

These hashes existed as of Sunday, September 8 @ 6:23 PM.




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alternative Mastodon front-ends 

"AP Style" is to "Real AP Questions" as "Kraft Cheese Product" is to "Cheese"

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This one is more reasonable though. The Google one was 🤯

Another story of very in depth vertical integration:

Minecraft on Windows, plugins developed for using VSCode with code hosted on GitHub, server software deployed on Azure

My server just died and every command complains of “input/output error”.

Rebooted and it’s okay now but... 🤔

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