Kubernetes is a container orchestration system, but *that's not the point*.


not sure why I chose to make this my first toot in months but hey

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intellij: "import settings?"
me: "nah, also I should probably go back and delete those old settings folders"
intellij: "delete old settings folders if you're not importing them?"

since when could they read minds O_o

Today I worked on a 1:1 scale model of my school in using Google Maps imagery. Here's what I learned: nikhiljha.com/posts/mc-gm-scal

(Building shown was largely completed by saiii_k, I just generated the reference material.)

The pinephone is a _lot_ of fun, I've lost like 90% of my productivity to it. Buyer beware :)

Also working on getting chatty (SMS) and calls ready, but I'm waiting for upstream package updates.

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Quite a few phosh+related packages for :fedora: on are now on my COPR! Updated the script accordingly.


If you do try out the script, note that the lock screen doesn't work past the first boot, so be sure to disable the lock screen in settings :P

Wow the microphones in the echo dot are good...

I was on the other side of the house and said (loudly, but not yelling) “Alexa stop” and it actually worked.

I should try to root it again :/

Luckily the domain was never used for anything, but still.

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I left one of my old domains connected to vultr dns (without actually having it setup on my vultr account) and it got taken by some "free cruise" scammer website. 🤔

Just pointed DNS to redirect to Google for now.

In other words: You won't find Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. on HIBP, but you sure will find Zynga, Armor Games, random web hosts, etc.

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There's a weird middle ground between "took over the world" and "no one's heard of it" where all the data breaches are.

When can I start calling WireGuard "the VPN built into Linux"?

Levels of thing ownership:
- ❌ Licensed (DRM): You can use the thing only when the company approves of it. (Spotify, Netflix, etc.)
- Copyright (no DRM): You can use the thing whenever you want, subject to normal copyright laws. (GOG, No Starch Press)
- :openhardware: Open Source: You can do practically whatever you want with it and making changes or resharing is encouraged. (Linux, Pixabay, etc.)

RHEL 8 on ?

Script to install full-fat desktop Fedora on your : github.com/nikhiljha/pp-fedora

Needs ~10-16GB of free space on your pinephone and computer since it's using rawhide. PLEASE visually inspect everything before running- it's barely tested and assumes a lot of things.

Take it more as an example of how to install a desktop OS on your pinephone than a finished product.

Also, we started a Discord server for Fedora on . If you're interested in helping out: discord.gg/xtANMD9

(Obligatory: Yes, Discord isn't FOSS, but it's where all the interested people already were so we're sticking with it for now.)

Today I got running on my @PINE64 .

(Lots of help from mozzwald on Discord, using megi's 5.6 kernel.)

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