The native linux version of plague inc doesn’t work but the windows one on proton does... wat...

Ubuntu is simultaneously the most and least stable/polished distro I’ve used. On one hand it plays nice with other OSes installed, has very nice support for everything, and generally just works. On the other hand, sometimes GNOME Mines crashes GNOME and exits all the other apps I have open.

I just wanna play Minesweeper :(

Day 2 of using Ubuntu on my primary machine (instead of MacOS)...

In MacOS, every application has a global menu bar with built in search. This means you can search and use the functions of any GUI app with no prior knowledge of the app. Some Electron apps don't support it very well, but remotely popular things (Browsers, things made for MacOS, Adobe things) work great.

Meanwhile in not MacOS land... I think I don't like GUI applications.

Maybe Apple forcing all App Store apps (read: nearly every technology company) to support Sign in With Apple would be a good thing...

There is no indication in the UI that scanning someone's QR code can do that, it just looks like a normal QR code scanner.

Discord added a button that says "Scan QR Code" - sounds fine, right?

But it's actually for login, so if you convince someone that it's a promo QR code for free Discord Nitro or a free game, and tell them to scan your login QR code, wow you just logged in as them with zero confirmation!

I say 3x "server" like they're some rackmounted behemoths, but I actually just have 2 single board computers and an old PC.

Start of 2016: Fedora Server, Fedora Laptop, Android Tablet, Android Phone

Somewhere in between: Fedora Server, Arch Linux Laptop, iOS Tablet, iOS Phone

Start of 2020: 3x Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Laptop, Ubuntu Tablet, (Soon) Ubuntu Phone

TL;DR: I can't play a game that I paid for because of DRM and the fact that some open source author decided to put even more DRM.

Today I wanted to play Beat Saber. Unfortunately, Steam had updated it without telling me.

NBD, I'll just downgrade. But wait, old versions of games are capped to 100KB/s downloads. I don't have time for that.

NBD again, I'll just get an older copy of the game and install it over my new one. This works! Thanks internet.

But wait! The author of the main unofficial mod framework has added Anti-Piracy measures, and refuses to function on my altered version of the game.

I still can't get over the fact that...

Someone finally made video calling that works, with that as basically their only feature, and is successful enough to IPO.

It's a little bit of "gah, why didn't I think of that" and "obvious in hindsight"

I'm tired of stuff not working and I want there to be a package for literally every possible thing that has ever worked on Linux.

I should use...

I'm like 20 levels deep in yak shaving, all started by the main issue that I can't get Windows running on this laptop anymore.

`dd` doesn't work for Windows ISOs anymore, UNetBootin doesn't detect any flash drives I plug in, Rufus only works for Windows, Etcher doesn't work anymore

I think I need Windows to install Windows...

Today I'm attempting to reverse engineer an FPC1035 fingerprint sensor so that it works on Linux.

I can't even get networking passthrough working so Windows in QEMU can install the driver. I'm going to install Windows now.

Also, does anyone know of a tool that can search the text in a folder full of PDFs?

Like ripgrep but pdf? Or even a GUI application?

Overheard today...

"So I Ubered to the Airbnb..."

there's an app for bitwarden and not 1Password

I deserve that one though so its okay

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