This is open ended on purpose, play with whatever rules you want - just be sure to post!

Let's make bingo boards to predict what will happen at area 51 tomorrow!

- 5x5 grid
- middle is a free space
- Either post your bingo board itself or an image hash (if you want to keep it secret) within the next 6 hours. Use .
- Winners get a sense of pride and accomplishment.

These hashes existed as of Sunday, September 8 @ 6:23 PM.




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alternative Mastodon front-ends 

"AP Style" is to "Real AP Questions" as "Kraft Cheese Product" is to "Cheese"

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This one is more reasonable though. The Google one was 🤯

Another story of very in depth vertical integration:

Minecraft on Windows, plugins developed for using VSCode with code hosted on GitHub, server software deployed on Azure

My server just died and every command complains of “input/output error”.

Rebooted and it’s okay now but... 🤔

I'm starting to think this is their backup business model if/when advertising becomes less profitable.

All their offerings are significantly better in terms of ease of use compared to Microsoft (Azure + IdP) / AWS (EC2, Beanstalk).

My entire business is on Google services now...

Backend: Google Cloud Platform
Frontend: Flutter
Marketing, Calendar, Files, etc: G Suite
TLD: dev
Registrar: Google Domains

We're paying zero people other than Google for any services. Crazy.

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I continue with the North America nebula for three hours last night. Here's the end result.

The image was taken with a narrowband filter that only passes light emitted by hydrogen glowing at a certain wavelength when exposed to the harsh ultraviolet radiation from nearby stars.

With narrowband filters it is possible to separate different elements from each other, and also - maybe more importantly - get rid of most of light pollution.

New blog post on trying to build a LoRaWAN gateway and failing miserably.

Anyone know if there’s a way to use some kind of physical token for people to access shared Linux or Windows workstations? Linux is using GDM and Windows is Windows.

Signing in with LDAP user/pass is too hard because I don’t actually have my password memorized.

Things I use SD Cards for:

[10%] Camera
[90%] Burning OS images and booting from them

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Valve: latest Linux gaming work boosting AMD Vulkan framerates up to 44% (!)

Even in its infancy, this new shader compiler is resulting in a 44% framerate boost on certain AMD graphics cards.

In one particular DX11 game, it's even beating Windows even though the title isn't to be played natively on Linux (but via Proton / Steam Play).


Major upsets in both games I follow 🤔

Best timeline.

What even was yesterday...

Albert (globally unranked player, top 3 Texas) beats Hbox (best player in the world) and Lucky (~18th global) in .

Shanghai Dragons (team which lost literally every match season 1) beats Vancouver Titans (best team in the league) in .

I really want to start building my own but there's actually no way I could start another project right now if I were to be the sole developer.

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