Anal Porn.

Now that i have your attention,
don't be a dick, and stop using third party services from the big tech companies.

It is the modern tool to enrich rich people, and to make poor people even poorer (is "poorer" correct lmao?)

@nitox eh I'm on the side of what ever works for you. Because the company is big doesn't instantly make it evil. But I agree with if you're wanting to know what's going on in the software then you're better off with a Foss alternative.

@jordan31 @nitox the only way to get big is by being evil. There are no good rich people, or good corporations.

They might donate money to launder their reputation. Doesn't make them not evil.

@nitox also not sure I'd call those users dicks haha. Sometimes we don't have a choice or its the tool that best fits our needs.

@jordan31 Don't be a fool, swim in the pool. Don't be a dick, and ask Nick.

@nitox It, too, unfortunately, is the tool that enables a lot of unprivileged (in terms of money, time, knowledge) people to use technology at all. Where are the highly available, inexpensive, sustainable FLOSS and libre services and offerings for these? How can we enable them the way big tech did?

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