"Microsoft: we were wrong about open source"


I hope it's just too late, everyone has the right to be wrong, of course, everyone except microsoft.

They don't deserve that, they were, and are still, fucking the Free Software world in the ass by having all commercial laptops/computers installing windows by default, their fucking logo on every keyboard...

Enough, they don't deserve shit, i'm sorry.

And.. of course, that's a light thing Microsoft has done bad for the society, compared to other proprietary imposition on fields such Education, Enterprise, enough with your "I want to survive by looking nice to people"

You were, are, and will be a monster and a cancer for society, just wait for your death...

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@nitox Agreed. That they talk about "Open Source" and not free software should betray their ambitions.

Do you often share articles via Tor? I've never encountered this before. I've attached a screenshot of the article for users who are not able or willing to use the onion routing network.

pro open-source

Let's put it this way: microsoft is like a big over-grown clumsy toddler rampaging through a world of lego (foss) who thinks destroying lego contraptions is fun and doesn't get told off because his parents are absent-minded shitheels.

The only thing "cancer" in the world of software is microsoft itself.

@nitox @fristikun Good point if MS don't like that, remind them they once called Linux a'Cancer'.

Microsoft loves Linux. They really love software libre. They don't act like it. For example, they violate every right and freedom they can but deep in their heart they love software libre.

Just like sharks. Sharks do love fishes, they just don't act like it and eat fishes.
@nitox @fristikun

@arh @zleap @fristikun The problem is not them, what they do is the problem, they make people see Linux as a weird difficult thing for freaks, and windows as the standard must-have system...

In free software, you have an obligation to contribute, of course it's nice if you're just a user and consume libre software

Microsoft are not users, so they must freely contribute (not contribute for business later interests)

This is why covidsoft is bad.

I agree. What I said was just a joke. It probably sounds much funnier in Persian. :)))
@zleap @fristikun

@nitox I think the thread I just started here… highlights the issue or may provide some evidence.

You can learn to use MS software, power point , google, word etc., you can learn to use Facebook / Twitter with no mention anywhere of free software and the fediverse.

Therefore no choice(s)

@nitox I saw someone say that instead of saying "embrace, extend, extinguish" we should say "control, alt, delete".

@nitox @freedcreative Or lets simply not even acknowledge they exist, doing so gives them free promotion.

So rather than saying I am going to make a Powerpoint, you use I am going to make a presentation in Impress or Beamer.

homophobia/transphobia..., lewd 

@nitox windows is bad! That's one argument.

(the following has nothing to do with windows, but with discriminating language)
In relation to the semantics you used with "fucking in the ass":

If it's done by consent, there is nothing wrong with fucking into someones ass.

If someone lives in a homophobic/transphobic/, Tails helps to escape domestic surveillance.

Nothing wrong with watching: "What What (In the Butt)"

homophobia/transphobia..., lewd 

@tails I agree, it's nothing wrong about fucking an ass 😉

homophobia/transphobia..., lewd 

@tails I was not being homophobic at all, it's just a way of speaking, a way of giving emphasis to your criticism. Also a way of relief.

@nitox some days ago I also saw a toot regarding an GitHub issue and how Microsoft handled it:

They still didn't even get open source. They just claim for marketing reasons.

And I wouldn't be shocked if Microsoft is doing all the contribution just for one thing: making money out of it.

The direction seems pretty clear to me. They want to get back web developers that switch to Apple and Linux. That's it.

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