The most effective and durable (also not illegal) attack to big corporations starts by using and recommending FOSS. :firefox: :fosstodon: :debian: :linux: :mastodon: :opensource:

@nitox Also important: recommend and discuss about non-mainstream entertainment.

I think I know who my favourite superhero is now! Puts on black business suit, trenchcoat, & fedora. Puts on red domino mask, tie, & gloves.


it's less anti-corporate than many proponents & many detractors have supposed

True, @nitox ! And actually the attacks (ads bombing, dopamine triggering, privacy slaughter,...) come from their side. We only try to protect the mental sanity and the diversity they destroy.

@nitox I totally agree, only with #foss do we stand a chance of bringing the Internet back to whom it belongs ... #thepeople

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