Well, i've decided to NOT visit any website that requires javascript to actually show something.

Unless i'm really really interested on seeing that content, which i barely am.

I hate all this bundled js and crap loaded on websites, where half of them is crap code, shitty tracking frameworks and stuff...

JS is a great technology! But don't abuse the use of it on the internet. Please.

@andrew @nitox Where did you get those stickers made? I want a bunch.

@nitox People that think like this need to unite in some way. It's not you alone that dislike the current state of the art. I dislike the fact that others can run a bitcoin mining tool on my browser, and of course the horrendous Web page bloat. Long ago I got banned from Freenode for visiting a page that had malicious code which spammed the network without me clicking anything on the page.

A good portion of my time browsing is spent switching settings in #NoScript. Also tried #LibreJS ( for a while.

@squire mmm, i will check them out! I just disable javascript from the about:config menu toggle for 'javascript.enabled' xD

(I forgot to mention they're both @mozilla #Firefox add-ons. I'd definitely recommend #NoScript, which makes it easy to greylist/whitelist specific domains.

@nitox With the low latency and high bandwidth networks we have today, the simple notion of web browser able to run code localy is completely outdated and only servs as giving attackers the largest software attack surface possible while folks consult websites. We should switch to super light VNC like clients, simple graphical terminals, that would have a very small attack surface.


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