When i explain federation and decentralization to people, i compare it with email.

Email can be hosted by any company, exposing a domain+server to the internet, then you must use their application/web to access it because of the old propietary software model, nowadays there is a lot of open source mail clients anyways.

ActivityPub is just a standard protocol, mastodon is a software that implements it for microblogging (like twitter)

@nitox That's a really good explanation of federation and decentralization. I'm going to quote you, if you don't mind. 👍

@nitox ya definitely using this comparison from now on...

@nitox Why do you have to use the company's application to access email? Don't all email servers support IMAP which all email clients can connect to?

@adam i use protonmail and tutanota only. The rest are trash mails, so i use their propietary software for convinience.

@nitox Ah, yes. That makes sense. Many email servers are open to any email client though which seems true for many fediverse instances too.

@nitox good advice.
Big Brother is monopolist over the internet.
Our future is decentralization.

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