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I share a simple Dockerfile and scripts i wrote, to easily create a alerts/notifications bot on your homeserver!


It is surely very handy! i use it for maintenance alerts, polling for software releases, pretty much anything you may need to be notified on your Matrix Client πŸ˜€

@nitox it was also free for a year and my goal was to see how cheap this could be done. And you don't get cheaper than free. πŸ˜ƒ

@nitox That's precisely what I'm referring to. I run a fairly sophisticated self-hosted setup because I have the knowledge to do so. My wife, a technical PM, does so because I can run it for her. Even in tech, the ability to run your own services isn't the norm.

Make no mistake, I believe all of us who can do better should do so. How that looks depends on many factors.

Now can we please start making better tools to ensure that a moral comprise isn't something anyone needs to make to get their job done?

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Signal Messenger Thoughts (3) 


I think, that the philosohy behind matrix is the best one so far :)


This is not much but today I made a commit into OpenSSH :flan_awe:

I'm sooo happy :flan_hurrah:

Signal Messenger Thoughts (4) 

Although i respect the security experts a lot, and Signal has pretty much the best UX of all Competitive Messaging Apps...

All the points i wrote, makes Signal not the most secure choice for me, but it's a much better choice than using commercial communication services, such as Wh..'ImTiredOfTheName'.. App

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Signal Messenger Thoughts (3) 

Therefore, making home-server hardware and software security + federated communication the best choice for a global service security.

All this thoughts are obviating that software can have vulnerabilities and can be logically compromised as well, here, the software security and open source software comes into play

Although Signal App (and server?) is open source, it lacks the ability to share power to multiple parties, therefore sharing data security responsibility

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Signal Messenger Thoughts (2) 

As long as there is just one point of failure to safeguard the information of it's users, there is always a huge security risk.

Of course, a real home-server, with the only protection being a simple house door, is no issue for getting information compromised by a simple theft.

However, the probability of getting targeted to steal your information is way way smaller, not to say is practically null.

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I think Signal Messenger App still lacks of something that is pretty much the core of information security, the ability to federate.

Reducing Misinformation in Query Autocompletions. (arXiv:2007.02620v1 [cs.IR])

I'm thinking of hosting my own instance on home server. It won't accept anyone from outside but my family. It is to incentives my family to stop using Facebook and Twitter and start using Fediverse instead.
There will be no CDN or other stuff. It still will be part of Fediverse talking to other instances as usual. Only difference will be number of users, me, my family and close relatives.

What do you think? Should I start an instance to incentives my family to use FOSS?

How can one deal with non-free wireless usb drivers on Linux?

Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

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