🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 10.0 is out now. Tor Browser 10 ships with Firefox 78.3.0esr, updates NoScript to 11.0.44, and Tor to This release includes important security updates to Firefox.

New Tor Browser release! 10.0

Amazing job being done by the guys on torproject.org !! @torproject

@nitox Wow! The NoPhone looks great! Seems a bit bare bones for my needs, so I've gone for the PayPhone. It's features include a mouldy phonebook and the vague smell of urine...

I mean... it's better to use e.foundation or Lineage OS than a regular Vendor-based Android, but still not enough for me 😃

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I finally decided to use my new NoPhone as a daily driver, it's awesome! No features at all! and completely free!

Was going to write a post about this car real-time tracking you, but then I realised I'm cycling around with an phone in my pocket. 😐

What is the fastest thing in the world?

Your own VPN + Pi-Hole 

@nitox my wife gets upset that some links don’t work for her. But she’s also become more privacy conscious so a little explainer went a long way. I don’t get heat for it anymore haha

Your own VPN + Pi-Hole 

I went a step further to protect my family and friends from big tech eyes (the most i can), and installed them my own VPN to block anything unneeded (a.k.a ads, tracking, useless pollers...)

They sometimes yell at me because things stop working, but it's okay though 😅

@stux It's like the Microsoft scammers. When I have time, I love keeping them on the phone, sometimes for over an hour before I tell them I run Linux. I get cursed out in another language and they slam the phone down 😀

Networking tool open question 

I want to take a .pcap file and draw a simple summary with the most connected ips/ports.

I want it to be very simple, runnable on a shell (i don't need a resource expensive platform such as elasticsearch)

Does anyone now a tool to do this?
I was about to code it but i thought maybe someone has already done that 😃

ok, hackers.town radio will be a manual migration to a VM... Murphy's Law is a thing it turns out.

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