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I should have put it this way, ActivityPub has been adapted recently for Mastodon's needs.

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Seems like ActivityPub is specifically designed for Mastodon's needs.

I think I don't need to rely on ActivityPub in order to make my git hosting service Federated.

I've decided not to touch any of my projects before learning Vim and PostgreSQL.

I have two books "Practical Vim" and "Practical SQL".. I just started with Practical Vim now.

This might be a stupid approach but I've been working alone most of my career. So, it's very different and I need to go this way in order to sharpen my skills. Working with a team is different where you can learn quickly from others.

And I don't have any urgency to launch my projects sooner!

I shifted from Windows10 Pro on my Desktop PC to Debian with i3 early morning today.

I was just trying to play some PC games.. but it didn't work at all.

So, I don't think Win10Pro will be useful for me in anyways.. I'm planning to transfer my license to my sister's computer.

@fribbledom Hey, I was just checking out some command line tools in Golang on GitHub and I saw this latest commit on

The picture and the name looked familiar to me. And I figured out that it was YOU! I checked your other contributions on your profile. Just gotta say your work is really interesting.. Keep on keeping on 🙂

Home page work on Sorcia. I'm not gonna bother you people by posting everything.. but I'm planning to post some important updates, that I'm doing.

It seems like Fastmail doesn't refund the money that I have in Account Balance which is around 75$. I didn't ask them, I checked in one of their articles.

I was planning to move my email to Migadu. Let's see, it's not urgent for me though. Besides 75$ is a lot!

I'm getting this intense energy again to work on my projects which was lacking for the last 50 days.

I don't know. I'm not really sure if it just a mindset. Sometimes I feel really lazy and numb to do any work.

I gotta say American Bison is THE most majestic creature I've ever seen in my life. I mean I haven't seen it but just in some videos and in pictures like the one below, butts one crazy guy and he deserves it!

I usually buy anything that comes from.

So far I have played flower and journey.

But these games looks nice too though I'm not so fond of anime characters.. I know I'm weird.

I'm saying this because, this is very important for everyone to understand and go through the conversation on how others are developing and mentoring in building a good quality software.

So, I'm figuring out ways on how can I make the pull-request would match like mailing lists conversation.


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I've been thinking about Mailing Lists implementation for my git hosting service

But, today I finalized that I'm going with Pull-Requests. It is not all that bad, but GitHub does it bad I would say.

What I want is to preserve the communication that's happening in developing a project. Once a pull-request is done, GitHub dumps it as a closed one.


I love Hetzner and their service. It's so good for hosting self-hosted apps. Even for a mail server they don't block the 25 and even they provide reverse-dns-entry(PTR) for a damn cheap cloud server.

I mean you don't even need to go for a dedicated server, I moved to their Cloud server and it is all fine, the pricing is very good when compared to DO, Linode, OVH, etc, etc, etc,.

Long live Hetzner!

It is always good to keep in touch with people whom you met in various places. I'm just trying to do that and talk to my connections as much as I can.

It gives you new spirit during this troubled times that's happening in the world.

Could somebody boost the toot I've linked below or mention someone who might know about this NAS setup? Else, I should go for the FreeNAS forum tomorrow.


I think, life would be a fun ride, if people (including me) could take things easily - not stressing too much about or getting into the rational analysis on what is right or what is wrong which I often do tbh. I'm sure we can develop this through practice.

I often go for this:
- If we help others in some way, we get satisfied. As the saying goes,

"You help others, You help yourself".


There should be a feature where you could mute a particular person's toot even if it is coming via a boost.

This guy is quite brilliant with computers but he is totally 0 or 1 which means he either like it or don't like. Such attitude will only lead to disillusionment.

Any FreeNAS experts here? If so, could you help me understand - Why is that wireless network is not suitable for NAS and especially for FreeNAS?

I read the forums that one has to go with Ethernet instead of USB Wireless Adapters which is what I'm using now on all of my machines.

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