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Egg sandwich reminds me of my experience with psilocybin during my late teenage years 😍


This is amazing! Thank you :)

I just come to know about that band.. It's nice.

But I like this cover - I kinda prefer instrumental music.

@cavaliertusky Got it.. Blue switches drives other people up the walls.. haha

@stchris Chiclet keyboards are great. I don't know when I was using Macbook Pro mid 2012, I was hitting 103 WPM on typeracer.

But with mechanical keyboards, I can go only upto 83 to 86 average. Weird though!

If you are looking for ergonomic mechanical ones, you could give this a shot.


@stchris Yeah, When I was starting with mechanical keyboards, I reallly don't know which Cherry MX switches I should go for.

But the thing is, I know that I wanted a tactical feedback.. So, I went with blue switches first and then recently bought brown one. But I kinda like this blue switch.

I mean if I'm working alone.. Otherwise, I'll go for Brown.

I'm back to using Cherry MX blue switch keyboard.

After using Brown switch for about 4 months.. I feel like Blue switch suits well for me. And Damn, I'm using CM Storm Quick fire rapid, it is so sturdy - I bought it like 6 years ago and it is still going!

@WhoNeedszZz @unicornfarts

Yeah, that's right and also it's not comfortable for me to do any work there, so my setup has three monitors and the vertical monitor is just for reading purposes as shown below. And to say frankly, it works well for that - like a remainder to read something everyday :)

@ols @jordan31 @sir

I think I could catch him up with the typing race but not at the speed of thought while building tools like he does in the videos. At-least for now!


@ols @jordan31

Thanks for sharing. Finally I could see Drew's face.. haha.

And his typing speed as well 😉


@hund That's about right!

I think I need to keep myself aggressive for few days. If I can do this for 1 week then I can say for sure, I can quit this.

Gonna try it from now.

And this is one hell of nuisance for me. For example: if I go to any of my friends house and have some coffee or tea, I feel this urge to smoke immediately. This happens in many ways.


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Is there any smokers here? I mean cigarettes. I started smoking some 5 years ago, and I made a good record here - It's going like 15 to 20 per day.

Just curious to ask - if there is anyone who had been in a long-term smoking habit and quit that shit. I would like to know how did you do that.

I know it differs from person to person.. and I myself make some funny comments here and there telling that I enjoy it, but the thing is I have to keep myself not dependent on many things.



Nice one, and thanks for linking to some other articles that makes relevant to what you are saying. I haven't read those articles, but I will read at ease. I like this sort of articles where people explore about what's happening ultimately and what is it all about.

So, to the last question in your post.. I'm just smooth sailing, in other words - following the flow :)

@mike @kev

@PixelDroid Ah I see, alrighty!

How nice of you to not testing my patience, Thank you! 😀

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