I'm back to using Cherry MX blue switch keyboard.

After using Brown switch for about 4 months.. I feel like Blue switch suits well for me. And Damn, I'm using CM Storm Quick fire rapid, it is so sturdy - I bought it like 6 years ago and it is still going!

@fribbledom Hey, I was just checking out some command line tools in Golang on GitHub and I saw this latest commit on


The picture and the name looked familiar to me. And I figured out that it was YOU! I checked your other contributions on your profile. Just gotta say your work is really interesting.. Keep on keeping on 🙂

Home page work on Sorcia. I'm not gonna bother you people by posting everything.. but I'm planning to post some important updates, that I'm doing.

Words that should not be seen by youngsters below 20 maybe. 

hmm.. this is cool to play with


From spending 34 EUR per month to 4.90 EUR. I moved from Hetzner dedicated server EX42 to a simple VPS for now in order to host sorcia.org


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