Is there any smokers here? I mean cigarettes. I started smoking some 5 years ago, and I made a good record here - It's going like 15 to 20 per day.

Just curious to ask - if there is anyone who had been in a long-term smoking habit and quit that shit. I would like to know how did you do that.

I know it differs from person to person.. and I myself make some funny comments here and there telling that I enjoy it, but the thing is I have to keep myself not dependent on many things.



And this is one hell of nuisance for me. For example: if I go to any of my friends house and have some coffee or tea, I feel this urge to smoke immediately. This happens in many ways.


@nirmal I used to smoke a long time ago. There habit it's harder to quit than the nicotine.

You have to find the motivation, like your health, especial in these times with COVID-19 that makes you a great target for an early death.

@hund That's about right!

I think I need to keep myself aggressive for few days. If I can do this for 1 week then I can say for sure, I can quit this.

Gonna try it from now.

@nirmal The nicotine leaves the body after 48 hours, the rest is in your head. :)

I recommend keeping a large stock of carrots. It helped me a lot to eat something to keep myself occupied.

Good luck! You can do it!

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