I feel like I'm really out of touch or lost my grip when it comes to job interviews.

This year, I've tried two interviews and failed. One interviewer said that they need people who had worked on large-scale products. And not JUST Self-hosted applications.

Luckily, I'm living off my parents help/support and they said it's fine that I could take the rest of this year doing what I like to do.

Btw, in my 8 years professional career, I have literally not saved any money. I mean I don't have any money at the moment other than what my parents give me some amount every month for my projects.

Damn, I'm going to complete 29 years in two weeks time and I kinda feel bad about this.

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@nirmal feels like reading my own story but it's alright, everything will be just fine and the thing that matters from any situation is what can we learn from it and how can we apply what we've learned

@v_d @nirmal my simple advice here is: don't wait too long before getting your life's finances in order, especially since volatility may spike and the economy may not be dependable in coming years (look at the huge spikes in US equities, oil futures going negative, interest rates also negative, savings becoming worthless)

@tomosaigon @nirmal that's exactly what I was thinking about... Learned it that hard but it's never too late

@nirmal I hate this lol, "Scalability" and then they also mention people who are "frontend experts" who should also be able to work on backend i.e. overwork you to the ground.

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