Whew. What a day. OpenShift 3.11 cluster certs expired, updated and rebooted hundreds of machines. Got RHEL9 installed on a staging virthual host for testing. Got Fedora 36 installed on a power9 box. Gotta love that all up to date feeeling tho...

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Take a break before you need it. It will make it easier to prevent burnout.

ansible_distribution_major_version in infrastructure:
285 35
120 8
97 7
25 34
6 33
2 36
2 31
1 9
1 37
1 32
1 27
(before you ask, the f27, f31,f32 ones should be going away soon, and the f33 ones are a cluster we need to upgrade). (Of course 7,8,9 are , the rest )

I always am amused when a cookie party breaks out. This is when someone on irc/matrix does a name++ and our bot gives them a cookie (multiple cookies give badges). You can only give each person a cookie at most _once_ per Fedora release cycle. A cookie party breaks out where someone gives a cookie, this reminds others that they should do that and a flurry of cookies are given. Do other communties have things like this happen? :)

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Just over 8 hours since NVIDIA drivers were posted on GitHub and we already have over 100 Forks and 15 Pull Requests at the time of this post.

Look how much improvement #Nvidia was missing.

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We are at 550 registrations for the Fedora Linux 36 release party — @rie_cat says we can make it to 750! Tell your friends, share the link (and register yourself, of course). Unlike many Fedora events, Release Parties have a user focus (new users, too!)


A pretty smooth release day for 36. Hope everyone is enjoying it, and my thanks to everyone who made it, the entire community!

Ugh, hail now... hope our newly planted trees are ok. Sure been a wet sprint here in oregon.

Trying out the kitty terminal today. :) tilix is my go-to, but it's on life-support upstream.

It's a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner night here. Friday comfort food.

users out there: after hearing that today we are "NO GO" for Fedora 36 release next week, what do you think?

Wonder if I will see more folks I used to see on twitter moving to the fediverse. ;)

There was a murder in my back yard this morning! 4 big crows wandering around and cawing. 😁

Happy 34 release day everyone. Go and get it today if you haven't already: getfedora.org/

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