Happy 34 release day everyone. Go and get it today if you haven't already: getfedora.org/

Yesterday was my 10th anniversary of starting this lovely job at Red Hat. It's been a crazy, busy, great 10 years... looking forward to what the next 10 brings!

Happy to report with the latest uboot update in rawhide, I can boot the completely stock workstation aarch64 image. Boots up and gives working gnome-shell desktop. Of course no networking yet (both wifi and the usb-c networking need out of tree kernel patches), but great progress! 😀

Moved my wireless ap channels (on both radios) and now I have ok coverage in the back of the house again. I was really hoping I could keep using this very nice Turris Omnia I have rather than having to upgrade to some non free mesh system, and it looks like I can!

@firefox reader view is the best thing ever. :) For you poor folks who don't know about it, click on the little icon on the right of the url bar of control-alt-r. So many borderline unreadable articles then become nice and easy to read.

Interesting... I used to use slight, but have been using full now for a bit and like it more now. I think full is also the gnome default. But I guess this shows this is a knob that not too many people even know of, much less adjust. Also... medium seems shunned by all. 😀

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Silly poll time: What do you set your font hinting setting to?

Todays random question: Even before the pandemic, I have always had a lot of situational awareness in stores, etc. ie, know who is around you, if you are blocking something, etc. I'm an introvert. Is this a Introvert/Extrovert behavior? (I see a lot of people with low situational awareness talking to people or looking away to something). Or is this unrelated to Introvert/Extrovert?

Happy birthday to you @jwildeboer
Hope its been a great open sourcey day for you!

Finally had time to catch up on some packaging work. Pushed new iptables/nftables/libnftnl to rawhide. Pushed ansible-base into rawhide (use --allowerasing to switch to/from it from ansible (classic)), pushed new ansible-collections* packages that work with both ansible (classic) and ansible-base. Fixed rkhunter to not have a false positive on keyutils update. Not a bad lazy satruday afternoon! Now dinner time...

Spent the morning without power and the afternoon trying to get Xcode to work on a macos box. Give me open source any day, there I can find someone who knows it, or at least read the code. Finally did get it working, but lots of just blind trying things. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 😀

It's still amusing to me that the (aarch64) runs an entire smaller (armv7) linux install on it's modem. :)

Had an artichoke for dinner tonight, and again wondered who the first person to try and eat one was... 'its a spiney thissle, but perhaps if we boil it and just eat the good part...'

Egg white tortillas are weird. Not bad, just a really odd consistency. 🤔 .

Made my annual donations to the @conservancy and @EFF
You both do great work! Keep it up!

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