Thanks, I think so! I'm doing an extended daily use test for the 0.8 release of ryudo -- pretty solid so far. Next investments aside from fixing bugs as I find them are going to be writing a manpage and trying to tackle multimonitor support, but the latter is probably a post-1.0 project.

PaperWM looks pretty cool, and reminds me of a simpler version of Material Shell!

@kelbot Haha, well a nerd's window management is a very personal thing, but fwiw I've been working on a wm that is a fork of rio from plan9port. When I am in the mood I use Plasma + Krohnkite as well.

(master branch is where it's at, it is more stable than the latest release)


@kelbot Given your style (and the fact that I use it for everything) I recommend void. What kind of wm are you thinking about?

For those interested, here is the long version of our trip out west complete with a bit of context, more pictures, and a bit of drama: nilfm.cc/vermont_to_new_mexico

@jameskupke cant really speak to the vpn issue as use cases vary a lot, but for printers i have always found the CUPS web interface to be very usable, and for wifi have you looked at nmtui? (if you want custom colors without recompiling ncurses you can just wrap it with a custom terminal profile to alter the colors)

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Start coding, they said. It will be fun, they said.
I've been sitting here for almost 3 hours researching how I could compare various time formats with each other.

The perks of being a masochist...

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I was wondering if there is an open hardware :openhardware: portable MP3 player? :blobfoxthink: I was trying to search online for one but I found nothing...

day 8: CO -> NM; safe landing in our apartment in Santa Fe. After almost 2 years living by necessity in the northeast, we are back out west where we feel at home

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Setting up your my IDE (AKA the shell) for some local web development:

% for i in index.html ; do touch $i ; open $i ; vim $i ; done

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A university teacher this morning was in a kernel panic state because his disk failed and he needs what's on it for his lecture next week.
Of course his last backup was six months ago, so his crucial work is not on it.
He found an expensive data recovery service, but then they asked for his bitlocker password. And the one he gave them doesn't work - we still don't know if it's because we archived the wrong one of because changing the controller makes the deciphering key obsolete.

Do !

day 5: IL -> NE; so... much... driving... i feel like don quixote in awe of the windmills though.

no this is not where we are staying tonight, i just found the pizza subsign amusing :p

day 4: OH --> IL. not a lot through here, but lots of farms doin that good work and beautiful wide open skies... and TRUCKS

@bpepple milford, just east of cincinnati. not a bad place to spend a day recovering from the woes of travel :)

@liam_reilly nice! I use csharp at work a lot and despite its pedigree it is actually a fun language to write in. my main complaints are mostly on the xaml side, and even then mostly just that the documentation is ass backwards :p

making a buttload of food for tomorrow's exodus. quinoa and tempeh pictured, got a giant roast of eggplant and broccoli in the oven...

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