day 8: CO -> NM; safe landing in our apartment in Santa Fe. After almost 2 years living by necessity in the northeast, we are back out west where we feel at home

day 5: IL -> NE; so... much... driving... i feel like don quixote in awe of the windmills though.

no this is not where we are staying tonight, i just found the pizza subsign amusing :p

day 4: OH --> IL. not a lot through here, but lots of farms doin that good work and beautiful wide open skies... and TRUCKS

making a buttload of food for tomorrow's exodus. quinoa and tempeh pictured, got a giant roast of eggplant and broccoli in the oven...

At long last, we repotted our spider plant in a bigger pot - glazed this time, to deter mold growth :)

Done with WPF madness for the moment, moving on to React tickets in a more comfy setup: ryudo + alacritty + micro on :void:

Obligatory scrot of my trusty X1 Carbon; Blasting some Within the Ruins :void: :kdelight: :the_horns:


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