Riddle me this - sometimes X on this laptop with a Radeon doesn't quite work (90% of the screen is a white block which does render a terminal but not a browser or background)

However, sometimes on a reboot, X comes up just fine and works 100% correctly.

No idea.

Here's it working properly after a couple of reboots with no changes.

Seems sporadic, but at least it "works" in a sense.


@nilix I tried both, did the same thing with each driver. I believe it's on amdgpu now since that appears to be the newer and more developed one.

@ecliptik That's really weird. How old is your card? It sounds like a hardware problem :(

@nilix It's a AMD Radeon HD 8870M in a MacBook Pro 2015.

I believe the laptop has an integrated Intel GPU as well, and might try figuring out how to disable the Radeon and use the Intel instead.

Laptop won't be used for any heavy 3D applications, mainly terminal and web - battery over performance is ideal.

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