playing with honk, i've got a new alt

If it adds you, yes it's me lol

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@neauoire @calcifer @jrc03c There were two threads discussing terminology, one started by calcifer and a follow-up by me. Both very rich in useful concepts and discussion :) They are the source of my LIMITS paper, which celebrates a few of these terms (and lists all of them for reference).

Some links:
The initial thread by calcifer:

The follow-up one by me:

The paper:

I'm not arguing for one term to take the lead, but wish for all these terms to be meaningful by being practised, differently in diverse contexts, inform new practices, cross pollinate, to circulate widely :)

I've joined the clickity-clack gang. Decided to drop on the Kinesis FS Pro, and loving it so far. My posture has improved, my wrists and shoulders are much happier, and that sound is just immaculate :)

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Getting some ergonomic peripherals this weekend... Excited about being able to type without collapsing my pectorals :)

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Reading the announcement post of a GNOME library that shall go unnamed:

“There is no documentation yet, but I’m slowly getting more and more tests added which can serve as examples in the mean time. Go read some code, it’s good for you.”


Can we please cancel this mentality?

#development #documentation #noMoreAlphaGeeks

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Started working on a rootless, distro-agnostic package manager last night.

I think I've got a pretty good start so far. (Also it's written in Rust :D).

Currently, it'll be a binary package manager. But my goal for it is to be a hybrid. I think it would be really cool if by the end of this project it was a portage-like package manager.

I made a separate version of the xrxs client ROM that can be used as a standalone, generic bootloader:

It reads the ROM list out of a file named "index" and appends ".rom" to the end when you select, and loads that file.

Yes, this version calls them "ROMs", since it's not using the xrxs spec :p

xrxs client is in working order :) for some nerdlogs on the process

Thanks @neauoire and @alderwick and @sigrid for all the help :)

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Microsoft owns npm, github and typescript. I did not know that, but that explains a lot.

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Somebody please apply for this Mozilla grant for a project that visualizes how many engineers they could hire if they just reduced the CEO's compensation to 300k USD per year

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of the rock @nasser livecoding with fennel. other livecoding langs tonight include orca, foxdot, hydra and oFx

Slow going on the xrxs lobby (I never have enough steam to work on it at night lol), but making progress. It can list cartridge names from ./n/carts and store the list index of the current selection under the mouse cursor. Logic to scroll the list if it's too long to fit on the screen is also implemented!

Still have to implement a lot of things like the scrollbar, the whole realm management system, etc, but I think now that I've gotten this far the path ahead is pretty clear :)

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Redirection support (e.g. > and >>) has finally landed in the master branch !

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Been wanting to write a bit more to my blog, so doing a bit more in the vein of this-is-what-i'm-thinking-about.

Ok, so I did away with expanding navigation menus and just went with dedicated index pages for each subsection (and just merged the two "about" sections into a single page).

I liked the aesthetic of the expanding menus, but as I found it isn't very portable. This is fine, though -- reduces the clutter when you view through a text-only browser as well.

I just found out about:
DependencyObject DependencyObject.FindName(string name)

So instead of trying to traverse the logical tree from inside an attached Behavior to get to the Control I care about (which mysteriously wasn't working anyway), this jumps to it with no ceremony.

Makes my life a lot easier!

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