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Problem # 1: How to prevent account impersonation without signing up for GitHub API?

Problem # 2: What's the best to display the existing bounties on the issue page? Comments within the conversation at the right time or a sticky sidebar?

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Weekend hacking idea: Browser extension that lets GitHub users announce a bounty on specific issues (features or bug-fixes).

Is it worth building without there being mechanisms for administering the bounty (collecting funds, determining the winner and disbursing the rewards)?

Anyone here familiar with RocketChat working in the <iframe>-based Single Sign On mode? I had an installations that was configured correctly and was working fine till a months ago, but now the UI fails to load without any error message. Would appreciate some help.

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Reciprocity is a deep core organising principle of the social condition. I think of MIT and Apache2 as anti-social licenses, not bad, just not social enough for me.

They're not trying to build a better society, or encourage a relationship between user and maker.


I moved with family from Bangalore to London a few months ago. Really missing the community and networks that was built over the years.

Any suggestions on how I can meet "friendly, ambitious nerds" in London? doesn't show many interesting events so far.

I had given a talk about LearnAwesome's knowledge graph model and ActivityPub support at APConf 2020. Hope you find it interesting:

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Element's paid service for unified WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram communication is very good to see. But I think bridges for RSS and ActivityPub feeds would be fantastic.

There's no reason why an ActivityPub client has to look and work like Twitter. Why not a like a RSS reader or a messaging app with channels (like Element already is)?

I have offered small bounties for packaging certain open-source apps for easy, one-click deployment on CapRover:

RT please?

You can now support my open-source work on GitHub 🙏 🙂:

Folks, have you checked out - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant network for lifelong learners? Did you find it useful?

How can I make it better?

The excuses being given by MobileCoin/Signal for keeping their code changes secret for a year is plain BS. @polarhive @Seirdy

Mozilla / Firefox is an ad-tech company, right?

Posted a few tweets about education, life-skills, gamification and how will evolve. Please amplify (comment, RT) so that I can find other like-minded folks:

What's the best open-source, self-hosted equivalent of WebFlow? I see many companies trying to manage thousands of pages without involving engineers. But common tools (eg: Wordpress, Jekyll etc) don't come close to solving the problem completely.

What's your favorite config file format?

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

Is there an open-source library that lets me build Google Maps like interface for non-geographic data? I know about d3.js but I need the detailed data to be fetched only when the user zooms in on an area.

FWIW, what I'm trying to build is Google Maps for learning

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