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Docker is Linux's version of vendor lock-in 😄 . The more it gets adopted, more Linux's dominance in the server market gets solidified.

Not that I'm complaining. 😂

I started a poll on Twitter about sponsoring bug bounties for open-source dependencies. If you are CTO or engineering leader at a company, please add your opinions:

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@nilesh i did, but it’s far too brief to be useful:

you can follow, which is what i used in setting mine up

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@nilesh for strictly nextcloud, I've been looking at cloudamo. But have a look at the list of providers here:
(Click change provider, I hate that they hide that.)

Started self-hosting (for family) a few things.

- Bought a 2GB RAM, 40GB storage server with 40GB volume at Hetzner at 5$/year.
- Domain cost: 10$ / year
- Installed NextCloud and Ghost via Cloudron's free edition

- Really liking NextCloud's plugin ecosystem. Has support for Photos, messaging/calls, Contacts, Calendar, Forms and much more! 🙂

Anyone have ideas to bring the cost of self-hosting further down? 30$ / year would be the sweet spot.

Anyone here interested in doing paid work on open-source software on a regular basis across multiple programming languages? There's an idea I would like to discuss.

Today is Srinivasa Ramanujan's birthday and India's National Mathematics Day. Here is a fantastic documentary about his life and work:

Deleted all my data from GoodReads for good. API deprecation without notice was the last straw.

To export your reading list and reviews, sign in -> My Books -> Import and Export -> Export Library.

Finished building the Twitter bot that lets users add learning resources, update their learning status, and add or update their review at - all without leaving Twitter.

Is there anyone interested in helping me test this Twitter bot? DM me.

So, GoodReads has deactivated inactive developer API key without any advanced notice, and informed me today (on 10th December) that they will no longer issue new developer keys FROM 8th December.

Truly a WTF moment! 😡

Just last week, they have stopped support login with Twitter or sharing to Twitter.

Today I discovered as an open-source alternative to for easily setting up self-hosted services - either at home or in the cloud.

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Apologies if this is already a thing or has been attempted...

, , etc. should all get together and standardize the format in which data is *stored.*

Some of us makers are holding an online hangout on the topic of "AI in education". If you are building something in this space, we'd love to have you join us. DM me your bio and email address so I can send calendar invite.

See this thread for context:

Is it just me or GoodReads seems to have broken something?

Book URLs like this are not returning proper HTML unless the user is logged-in:

For, I have been building little UI components that use both Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS. For eg: five-star rating input, SplitButtonDropdown, multi-tags input, carousel etc.

I decided to extract them out of the Rails app and showcase on Codepen because others might find them useful:

Read somewhere that geometric algebra unifies a lot of math and allows Maxwell's electromagnetism laws into a single equation. Now I'm intrigued.

Found this video series on GA by Alan Macdonald:

Good designs can both look and feel magical! I would like to bring some of that polish to LearnAwesome.

Any designers here who would like to help me solve some thorny design problems in a FOSS project?

Apple has clarified their EULA, allowing Mac OS hosting in datacenters. Lease must be at least for 24 hours and to an individual or an organisation on software and hardware in its entirety. currently offers hosted 16GB mac minis for 99$/month.

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