The excuses being given by MobileCoin/Signal for keeping their code changes secret for a year is plain BS. @polarhive @Seirdy

Mozilla / Firefox is an ad-tech company, right?

@wholesomedonut Yes. I really like its expansiveness. It won't feel so overwhelming when these represent real-life skills. We can apply progressive enhancement so, for example, only when you start to explore a field like, say, nuclear-science, the map shows how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Building a navigable MAP of human knowledge and skills is LearnAwesome's ultimate objective.

Posted a few tweets about education, life-skills, gamification and how will evolve. Please amplify (comment, RT) so that I can find other like-minded folks:

What's the best open-source, self-hosted equivalent of WebFlow? I see many companies trying to manage thousands of pages without involving engineers. But common tools (eg: Wordpress, Jekyll etc) don't come close to solving the problem completely.

What's your favorite config file format?

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Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

@PawelK Yes, but it must be usable in browser (hence, Javascript only) and easily customizable. This is why I'm not looking at projects like

I did find a list here:

@PawelK If it's Khan Academy you're talking about, they have long since taken down their knowledge map browser. :-)

@PawelK Street maps? No it doesn't. But I need panning, zooming, and fetching dynamic data upon zooming in/out. Think of it like a giant skill graph.

I think or may be a better fit.

@PawelK My data is actually non-geographic. I am building a skill tree for life using topics from I am currently checking out and to see if they can help. No, not geo-based. See which shows a map of Wikipedia articles. I need just a graph laid out on a 2D plane, but need to show edges too. This is what I have in mind. Too many nodes in the graph will make the page hard to understand and slow to load. Hence, dynamic fetching of details in the area user zooms in is needed.

Is there an open-source library that lets me build Google Maps like interface for non-geographic data? I know about d3.js but I need the detailed data to be fetched only when the user zooms in on an area.

FWIW, what I'm trying to build is Google Maps for learning

If a webapp has not been careful and has used GET requests for non-safe actions, it can be exploited by other sites using forged requests. If does not even need any user action because CORS is not enforced on <img> tag where the src attribute can fetch a resource on the victim domain.

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I can't seem to find any standard or specs on what HTML tags are allowed in the title or content of RSS feed or ATOM feed items. I was wondering if <form> tags are allowed (as in emails) and whether it can open some CORS/CSRF vulnerabilities.

@kev #1 doesn't even look nice. Too much visual noise. Horizontal scrollbar should be made illegal.

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