The excuses being given by MobileCoin/Signal for keeping their code changes secret for a year is plain BS. @polarhive @Seirdy

Posted a few tweets about education, life-skills, gamification and how will evolve. Please amplify (comment, RT) so that I can find other like-minded folks:

My take on those who say that digital privacy is a hopeless battle.

Been playing with this idea for a dashboard/TODO list. The blinking dot in footer represents your current age compared to expected life. The idea is that the 4 categories on the left increase your capacity to have more joy. As you grow older, the box on the right should grow bigger and bigger and dominate more of your attention. All the areas are resizable textareas so you allocate attention as per your preferences, and make sure that you are spending time on things that really matter.

I wrote some code to simulate the Parrondo's Paradox and yes, it works! Two losing games played alternately (or even randomly) can lead to winning!

It has implications not just for physics, or investing, but also explaining how life might have started!

Collected some learning resources on this topic here:

I started a poll on Twitter about sponsoring bug bounties for open-source dependencies. If you are CTO or engineering leader at a company, please add your opinions:

Started self-hosting (for family) a few things.

- Bought a 2GB RAM, 40GB storage server with 40GB volume at Hetzner at 5$/year.
- Domain cost: 10$ / year
- Installed NextCloud and Ghost via Cloudron's free edition

- Really liking NextCloud's plugin ecosystem. Has support for Photos, messaging/calls, Contacts, Calendar, Forms and much more! πŸ™‚

Anyone have ideas to bring the cost of self-hosting further down? 30$ / year would be the sweet spot.

Deleted all my data from GoodReads for good. API deprecation without notice was the last straw.

To export your reading list and reviews, sign in -> My Books -> Import and Export -> Export Library.

So, GoodReads has deactivated inactive developer API key without any advanced notice, and informed me today (on 10th December) that they will no longer issue new developer keys FROM 8th December.

Truly a WTF moment! 😑

Just last week, they have stopped support login with Twitter or sharing to Twitter.

Is it just me or GoodReads seems to have broken something?

Book URLs like this are not returning proper HTML unless the user is logged-in:

Not only has Mac OS 11 included a network call in every program launch, it also creates exceptions for Apple's own apps to allow them to bypass any VPN you might have chosen to use. 😱

I'm really enjoying coding interactive Web UI components with TailwindCSS and AlpineJS. Having the markup, styling, and behaviour all in a single place is very productive. Just a <link> tag and a <script> tag to get these from CDN and done.

Here is a five-star rating input in 7 lines of code:

LearnAwesome improvement: Youtube, Vimeo and Wikipedia links are now embedded in-place using <iframe>. Saves you a click.

Are there other popular sources of learning materials that allow embedding?

@tripofmice @Alamantus @simon @inventaire @mayel @acka47

How about getting on a chat this Sunday about interoperability for vocabulary, topic taxonomy, reviews and federation? I've created a BBB room for this:

We can start by understanding every project's architecture choices. Doc:

@cwebber @mlemweb

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And done! πŸŽ‰ πŸ™‚ Learning resources can now be assigned to various levels which are listed under separate tabs on the topic page:

Comments and ideas to improve this are very welcome!

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Time to think about assigning difficulty level for learning resources on a topic in LearnAwesome. We can think of them as grades, but grades can be way too granular, and vary across countries.

My current idea is to have 5 levels:

- Childlike
- Beginner
- Intermediate
- Advanced
- Researchers

This will replace the age-appropriateness field that we already have on resources and advanced search:

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