Thinking about moving the community chat from Slack to somewhere nicer. What would you prefer?

@nilesh Matrix or XMPP.

XMPP is EXTREMELY light compared to matrix/synapse.

@pavot The trouble is: I don't actually know anybody using any XMPP-based chat application. 🤷

I don't doubt that XMPP is lightweight. But a question that comes to my mind is: Why did MatterMost/Rocketchat use a custom protocol for themselves rather than existing XMPP?

@nilesh I don't know why anybody does anything. Maybe they had different goals in mind? In terms of simple chat with modern features, I don't think anything is anywhere near XMPP in terms of how lightweight and extensible it is.

I haven't used/hosted rocketchat so I can't speak to it, but I know that right now I'd take XMPP over Matrix. Once dendrite is out of beta that might change things.

@nilesh @pavot Perhaps a case of NIH syndrome. Also in the case of Matrix, Amdocs (the creators of the protocol) likely intended to put themselves in the position they are in now, where they control the main Matrix server (there isn’t a main XMPP server, which is noteworthy). And because of the way Matrix works, the main server has become a vacuum for metadata.

@nilesh Ideologically, I like XMPP a lot more. I have recently switched most of my communications to Matrix though

@nilesh I’d probably vote XMPP, IRC and then Matrix, in order of preference.

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