LearnAwesome.org being a participant in Fediverse, has always needed a server. I have been personally bearing the hosting costs for more than 2 years now. As it's growing in usage, the hosting costs are starting to hurt a bit.

Any suggestions on how LearnAwesome should be sustained?

I voted for premium feature, since you already created GH Sponsors and OC.
If a person want to use a premium feature, they can either pay or self-host the whole thing; either option helps relieving the cost.


@huy_ngo LearnAwesome federates with ActivityPub but it's not quite ready for self-hosting yet. Will need to figure out how to keep the underlying knowledge graph of topics, experts and resources synchronized across multiple instances because these are completely new objects to ActivityPub which only understands things like Notes and Posts.

@huy_ngo One easy solution is to not synchnorize these objects at all. Only publish reviews in the form of notes that ActivityPub understands. Self-hosting becomes a lot easier in that case.

@nilesh I'm not an AP expert but doesn't generic Objects should be federated just as well as Notes and Posts? What makes them harder to federate them?

@huy_ngo It's a question of other apps understanding those objects. The AP spec defines these kinds of objects. "Note" seems to be the most well-supported but also most generic kind. Mastodon's Toots are Notes.

@nilesh even if you follow the standard, it's still hard to federate with them anyways 🤷 just using Notes might work, perhaps.

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