Folks, have you checked out - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant network for lifelong learners? Did you find it useful?

How can I make it better?

I had given a talk about LearnAwesome's knowledge graph model and ActivityPub support at APConf 2020. Hope you find it interesting:

@nilesh Interesting!

Does that mean I can subscribe to user or topic updates from my Mastodon account?

@schnittchen Yes, LearnAwesome broadcasts AP events which you can subscribe to in whatever AP app you are using (like Mastodon). For example, see

Both users and topics have their own feeds. You never need to register on

However, it looks like LA is not auto-approving follow requests. I will roll out a fix soon.

@nilesh Sounds like a really nice concept. I'm not having much luck navigating or figuring out how to make use of the site to find the resources I wan though. Wish they had more in the way of tutorials and documentation on how the site itself is supposed to work.

@nilesh Amazing resource! Just found Rustlings through it; exciting!
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