Is there an open-source library that lets me build Google Maps like interface for non-geographic data? I know about d3.js but I need the detailed data to be fetched only when the user zooms in on an area.

FWIW, what I'm trying to build is Google Maps for learning

@nilesh best you can look up imho is openstreetmap with their hw and sw guides. If you shared what dat you wanna map and how big is geo element i might help to estimate what is there already on osm and can be reused or adapted, what needs to be implemented and advise which langs technos to use and/or get osm project interested in your idea if you accepted my possible contribution. Cheers and fingers crossed.

@PawelK My data is actually non-geographic. I am building a skill tree for life using topics from

@nilesh how does it connect with google street maps possibly?

@PawelK Street maps? No it doesn't. But I need panning, zooming, and fetching dynamic data upon zooming in/out. Think of it like a giant skill graph.

I think or may be a better fit.

@nilesh one project had something similar in the past although not as dense a set as yours. Maybe you could reuse this indian open source education projects skills tree browser. Lemme see. Dang forgot the name of project. It started as math tutoring by ceo to his cousins. Later they added gamification and they had skill tree browsable zoomable and dynamically retrieved. I get back to you when i recall name of project.

@PawelK If it's Khan Academy you're talking about, they have long since taken down their knowledge map browser. :-)

@nilesh fuck sorry yeah i meant khan. Ok. Ill try to lookup projects you mentioned and try to adapt them and lurk for more should they prove to be useful to you. Unfortunately osms zoom pan click is mostly serving tile static images not structured tree like structure.

Btw im thinking of web based trees and graphs visualizing projects i know from my uni which could give what you need.

@nilesh if you were interested in those massive tree graph visu and browsing and clicking projects, might get you a list.

@PawelK Yes, but it must be usable in browser (hence, Javascript only) and easily customizable. This is why I'm not looking at projects like

I did find a list here:

@nilesh we had few usable in browser. Ill check em out and get back to you. Thinking of trees of species etc used in bio. Those are quite massive and interconnected although mostly trees not graphs. I assume your dataset is mostly graph not tree right? Lemme research web based graph visu projects and you can choose some if my query works.

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