Been playing with this idea for a dashboard/TODO list. The blinking dot in footer represents your current age compared to expected life. The idea is that the 4 categories on the left increase your capacity to have more joy. As you grow older, the box on the right should grow bigger and bigger and dominate more of your attention. All the areas are resizable textareas so you allocate attention as per your preferences, and make sure that you are spending time on things that really matter.


This is not supposed to be quantified self. I find that excessive tracking of oneself CHANGES me. What kind of person wants to measure and log "Played with the kid for 30 minutes"?

This is just for keeping the big picture in mind. Only 3 goals per category are allowed. There is no syncing with any external day planner. The textareas are for free-form note-taking but they limit the size of notes you can take.

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