I'm as pro-"edtech" as someone can be, but remote learning for young kids is a mistake.

(a) If it seems to be effective, it's only because someone in the home is playing the role of a tutor. The benefits are primarily due to the one-on-one attention, not the edtech part.

(b) Most of the perceived "value" is due to the lockdown we're in. The moment there is any relief, this perceived value will disappear over physical learning spaces. It is simply not scalable, nor desirable to have parents be tutors at home. Saying this as a homeschooling parent.

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Most of us agree that content is not a replacement for tutoring. But what's more - even for older kids, remote/online classes - no matter how interactive/social they try to be - will always be inferior to the physical social spaces. If your app is in 4K, reality is probably 400K.

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This is complicated by the fact that so many schools are actually terrible (low quality + high engagement). But good ones do exist and that's what the benchmark should be.

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