The perfect tablet does not exist:

A: Good hardware+software to achieve low latency

B: Supports multiple user accounts

C: Has alternative app stores so it doesn't choke innovation

D: Provides regular software upgrades for long life.

Apple scores on A & D whereas Android on B & C.

@nilesh Apple, Google, maybe they should stop their mobile war with each other

@nilesh not really a tablet-pro myself, but wouldn't this be solved by some nice high-end tablet with LineageOS (if that's even available)?

Or just wait for PineTab to come up with a newer, beefier version :)

@allien Samsung S7+ scores on 3 of them but audio latency on Android had been terrible. There are no good music-making apps at all.

@nilesh I'm not really agree concerning Apple and D : they are still the OS champions who become very/too greedy on aging hardware or who may abandon some platforms altogether. I bought the first iPad and didn't get an iOS update after not even two years. So I have a tablet in very good condition but perfectly useless.

A bit expensive but the Lenovo P11 Pro seems quite cool 🤔

@nilesh it must be able run mainline linux! are working on it, though.. tbh could be ages until it's really anything for the general public? (depends on device too)

If we have that only a bit worried about point A in that case.

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