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People making jokes about the Facebook services going down make me sick. Anyone who was using an Oculus headset at the time is currently trapped in VR, and if they die there then they die in real life.

Why can’t every technology just use zero based indexing?

I spent two hours troubleshooting today until I realized why I wasn’t getting the correct result returned ​:ablobcatcoffee:

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@nikluz Nice! I'm working on more features as well. First: being able to search for songs from the CLI itself.

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Hi guys, quick question : what could be the reason of delays in connecting voice calls between 2 clients on mobile devices ? Usually it takes more than 20 seconds...

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software politics 

Ultimate Guitar's interface is terrible. It doesn't serve the lyrics and chords directly, but sends some JavaScript that fetches it. It's a broken design and arbitrarily restricts how one can access community-provided chord charts. I'm working on a Python script that scrapes it, but we need a better way for the community to share chord charts. is very convincing option, and I will be contributing to it. The only problem is that I can't find the source code for the program. Although that's not a big deal as it's easily scrapable and works without JavaScript.

Community-sourced data should belong to the community. It should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to use it, and decisions relating to the data that affect how it can be used should be made by the community. Proprietary control of crowd-sourced data has been used against the community in so many ways in the past, including with MuseScore's sheet music.


Hey girl, my name is Microsoft, can I crash at your place tonight?

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Some things have kept me from fulfilling all my plans for #TheresLife today and yesterday, but I will finish setting up the Funkwhale instance soon, along with some other things. I haven't forgotten.

After today, if I ever own $1,000,000,000 I will very boldly say I have one gigillion dollars. @josias knows what I’m talking about

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@nikluz @josias I'll just drop a +1 for myself here. Just in case :)

@josias a fellow programmer who shares my belief in God. Hard to come by these days! Glad to meet you Josias! Happy to have you in the group!

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Apparently it's a madhouse for people trying to buy the Steam Deck all at the same time, heh.
#Steam #SteamDeck

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I should also ask, if yes, would you mind following up with a short explanation of how it was like for you to get a job? Was it hard, did you get lucky?


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trying my hand at digital art. i definitely have a lot to learn..

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def getDict(girlfriend):
if girlfriend:
dict = True
return dict

The first app I installed from FDroid is ClassyShark3xodus. It tells me what apps are using trackers. This is a snapshot of YouTube. Can anyone explain to me what these things mean? Is there a way to tell if an app is accessing my camera or microphone here?

I just discovered F-Droid for android. Does anyone else have experience using this? It seems legit, but I don't want any malicious packages on my phone.

I just wanna say to all the people out there who are looking for love. if that person doesnt show you interest within the first few interactions. move on. that's just my experience. I always ended up dating girls who actually showed interest in me. every girl I ever chased ran in the other direction.... because I was chasing her of course.

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