I just wanna say to all the people out there who are looking for love. if that person doesnt show you interest within the first few interactions. move on. that's just my experience. I always ended up dating girls who actually showed interest in me. every girl I ever chased ran in the other direction.... because I was chasing her of course.

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If you're a 6502 programmer and you need an easy/variable exact cycle delay, I wrote something that does that.


My mom didn’t ask me what FTW means.

I didn’t say it means for the women

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Does everyone inner-voice "WYSIWYG" as "whissy wig"? ...or is that just me?

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@nikluz @freakazoid Free/Libre and Open Source Software. A catch-all that covers both sides of the Free Software vs Open Source ideological divide, with Libre used as less ambiguous synonym for "Free as in Freedom" as opposed to "Free as in Beer" (the ambiguity that was originally used as pretext* for inventing "open source" in the first place).

(*) Tim O'Reilly admits in What The Future that it was always about taking ideology out of the Free Software movement.


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Just looked at some projects on Github and saw that the site no longer advertises a standard git command to copy for repo cloning. Now they encourage the use of 'Github CLI' with the syntax of 'gh repo clone'.

No doubt it's a wrapper around git that will slowly gain features that git won't add because there is no need for them.

They are no longer a 'git hub', they are a 'repo space'.

All leading to the classic, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

I’m really excited to try out elive Linux.
One thing I noticed was that in order to get a copy, you must provide your email(and wait an hour to get download access) or make a donation of at least $5(and ALSO provide your email?) to get it instantly.

I like this method of distribution because it encourages donations for people who are frothing at the mouth to download it.

At the same time I can see this turning people off.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this.

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Me (goes to site to download an OS)

Site: (redirects me to mega.nz)

Me: 😖

Me: (Clicks on "Download" button)

Site: "Do you want to allow mega.nz to store files on this system?"

Me: (Closes browser)

Yeah, if your project sends me to "Uber for Downloads" your project is dead to me.

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@nikluz What sorcery is this? VBasic? Autohotkey? It's pretty neat 👍

Sooo... I just signed up for librem one and I had no idea how to use the email. I thought there was going to be a web client but I just realized there isn’t. So now I need to download a desktop email client ( never used one before) and I am looking for suggestions. Preferably something that is cross platform and open source. Help me ! You’re my only hope!

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@nikluz My daily driver is :popos: because it is beautiful, and I love their design philosophy. For lower spec hardware, :kubuntu: (or anything with plasma) is actually surprisingly good. :xubuntu: looks ugly out of the box but can look pretty good with some tweaks. Perhaps the two best XFCE implementations are :zorin: Lite and :manjaro: xfce. A lot to take in, but that's my thoughts!

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@nikluz sorry for all the distro emojis but they're so fun 😃

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Meh. Ubuntu.

I got nothing to prove to anyone anymore, Ubuntu is the sweatpants equivalent distro.

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@nikluz My current favorite is Arch and that's not noob friendly. I was on elementary OS before this and although it looks polished, I still wouldn't recommend that to a person new to Linux. Something like Mint would be soothing for beginners.

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@nikluz for now, manjaro with i3. i chose it because there was an edition with i3 as the default wm.

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Not the easiest question...😅
What do you count as 'old hardware'?

I've got an 8 year old laptop running Debian with Gnome perfectly fine...and any other distro by the way.

Noob-friendly IMHO also depends on where the 'noob' comes from, e.g. Windows or Mac.
Also, what does daily driver mean to you or rather, what are you going to do? HD video editing or text documents?

There might be also possibilities such as Puppy Linux and so on.

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