My mom was with me so at least I had someone to talk to, I'm so appreciative of her support through all of this :)

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I did bloodwork for the first time today.. πŸ˜“ I have a huge needle phobia. But I did it! :D I didn't freak out!

Eep, that typo hurts. I guess I just have to accept it though >.>
Thanks for not having an edit button, Mastodon.

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~~Aaaahhhhhhh ohmygod~~
Yesterday I had my psychiatrist appointment to get the Okay to go on HRT, and she said I was "the most mentally sound 17-year-old that she had every talked to."

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alright y'all i just had a jimmy neutron brain blast. what if we cloned twitter, but we handed all the squabbling clique leaders /actual power/ which they would abuse to create real physical schisms between communities in order to extort the lead dev into adding underlines to fucking links. wouldn't that be a great idea let's do it

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A pic of my Voxel Game Zeus! I just implemented new MapGen

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Hi, I'm Nikki. I'm a trans furry (saying that I just realised I fit perfectly into the stereotype, damn) and I am an aspiring game developer!

I'll be posting about game development, web design, and art!

Here's some pics or whatever uwu


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