Hi! 👋

I'm new to Mastodon, joining from the instance.

I'm an open-source developer in the crypto/decentralized ecosystem.

@nikhilsaraf welcome! Hope to see some of your projects :)

@yarmo the project I’m most actively involved with right now is the ( I build and maintain the Kelp which works on the Stellar as well as over 100 centralized such as binance, kraken, coinbase, poloniex, etc. responded to your post here as well. I’m just getting used to the Mastodon interface and loving it so far!

@nikhilsaraf @yarmo here’s a link to the Kelp crypto trading bot project that I maintain:

@nikhilsaraf I'm genuinely curious here. Stellar seems very much intertwined with Keybase. And Keybase has recently had quite the popularity blow due to the zoom acquihire. Why would one bother with stellar? (again, genuine curiousity :D) Asking both as a user and a developer like yourself

@almn76 @jae @richardotomislav thanks, nice to meet all of you!

What are some of the things/topics that keep you’ll engaged with the mastodon community?

@richardotomislav @nikhilsaraf @almn76 @jae I found your profile by searching #crypto I have recently heard of Stellar because I was invited to participate in the launch of another currency

@XeF4 @richardotomislav @nikhilsaraf @almn76

Be careful of new cryptos, sometimes, it's just a plain pyramidal-scheme scam (e.g Bitconnect).

@jae @XeF4 @richardotomislav @almn76 yeah I agree, you can never be too careful when you're investing in crypto since it's such a new space.

@nikhilsaraf @XeF4 @richardotomislav @almn76

Also, note there is some people trying to launch cryptos but who doesn't know a thing about its technical aspects and end up doing unrealistic promises.

@jae @XeF4 @richardotomislav @almn76 I try and join the various online discussion/community groups while doing my research into cryptos that are new to me.

It can be a little helpful to get a feel for what people discuss on there.

Not sure what other ways are good to validate these projects aside from actually running their product (if they even have one!).

@nikhilsaraf @XeF4 @richardotomislav @almn76

Well, I would say experience, documentation and observation can make up the whole thing.
You don't need to be an expert to judge if a project is a scam or not, just a little bit of skepticism.

@nikhilsaraf @jae @richardotomislav That depends on personal interests. You can find a lot of different people here and chat about many topics. After all, have fun and enjoy your time on Mastodon ✌️

@nikhilsaraf Welcome to this universe 🚀 . 👍 Enjoy! 😀 I am one of the core dev at . A fully decentralized exchange for digital values (like cryptocurrency). All , GPLv3, all here:

@konrad that sounds very cool. Which community is your project most popular/focused with?

I work on a trading bot for the Stellar Decentralized Exchange and most of our users are focused on money remittance, , or other like and .

@nikhilsaraf my development focus is on a cross-chain asset-independent trading engine - from an exchange point of view. No central aspects - all through the network (no clearnet transactions). This year we focus on BTC/XMR transactions.

We are rather on the academic side and mainly partner with of (HSLU), Dept. IT, in . (the association) is non-profit.

@konrad that sounds pretty cool.

I’m sure the decentralized choice comes with a cost. What are some of the challenges/tradeoffs that you’ll face because of that? (technical bottlenecks, liquidity, custody, etc.)

@nikhilsaraf Thanks - you're also doing interesting stuff (in 2016 we created an XMR/BTC algo trader based on (support vector machines). Was interesting.

We face all kind of technical challenges (like: is slow, high latency). Custody isn't a topic (no centralized instance - all local, all distributed, no business model possible). Liquidity - which liquidity? 🤣 🤣 We're alpha.

@konrad it’s a cool idea to use ML in a trading algo. Will be exploring that in-depth via this summer.

The high and low is going to be a tough problem, we’re still working to overcome that. I’m hoping that my work on the kelp bot will alleviate some of the liquidity issues this year.

Thanks for sharing, look forward to following the progress of your project! 😀


Welcome! Your toots about Steller are great, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Hope you enjoy it round here :blobcheer:

@unflding thank you! It's been great so far. People are extremely kind and welcoming. 😀

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