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@konosuppa yes, you’ve captured that well. We are passively looking for someone to take over the Lightning project on Stellar (Starlight).

I firmly believe that we need lightning on Stellar because it is what will help go mainstream and provide the most value.

If there’s anyone interested, or knows someone interested in working on this, please reach out to me. Skills needed would be , , , 7+ years programming exp.

First announced at 2019, finally in beta release: Stellar's Dollar Savings app, Vibrant! 🎉

Protecting against inflation has never been so accessible!
Pay anyone easily, just like sending email.

Download the app (iOS & Android) and reserve your address before it's gone.


Just released a new for the Kelp trading : the Pendulum Strategy.

This is a mean-reversion, market-neutral strategy that feeds off within a bounded range.

As with all kelp strategies, it works on the as well as 100+ centralized

Official binary release with tutorial video coming soon.

Hi! 👋

I'm new to Mastodon, joining from the instance.

I'm an open-source developer in the crypto/decentralized ecosystem.


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