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"Write Better Software - On this page you can find static code analysis tools and linters that can help you improve code quality. All tools are peer-reviewed by fellow developers to meet high standards."

Resulta que si hubo un cambio entre pam-login y ahora hago uso de un workaround para crear /run/user/$UID en boot time y por otro lado definir XDG_RUNTIME_DIR con dicha carpeta como valor en mi environment variables 🤔

"Private methods help reduce the size of an object’s API. Private methods indicate what’s safe to refactor. Private methods aren’t a code smell"

"There are... naming patterns that are commonly used... in the ecosystem (including the standard libraries) that may help you to recognize the function’s meaning without looking at its documentation & even its type!"

"Peter Norvig added that contest winners are used to cranking solutions out fast and that you performed better at the job if you were more reflective and went slowly and made sure things were right."

"OK, serious talk here. I think the warnings issue I mentioned above should absolutely be fixed. We’re stuck with what we’ve got, possibly with minor ergonomic improvements."

"If-then-else is how we talk about conditions in languages: if something is true, then do a thing, else do a different thing. That's just English, right? Except that it isn't."

"A , after all, is not (and was never meant to be) a ! The is both a programming language in itself and the foundation of all other functional languages."

"By adopting this standard, users that prefer to have plain, non-colored text output can set one environment variable in their shell to have it automatically affect all supported software."

Si eres de los que tiene cuidado con el contenido de $HOME/.local/bin y haces uso de stack recomiendo definir `local-bin-path` antes de ejcutar `stack install` y evitar sorpresas 🙃

"Using the input and output characteristics of pure functions, pure functions are used as pipelines. Dataflow is formed by a series of pure functions in series."

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