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Lo q me gusta de la instancia en la cual estoy de ,, es su enfoque a publicar cosas relacionadas al Las demás publicaciones suelen ser borradas del Local timeline 🙂👍 Por lo q te encuentras en un bien positivo y motivacional 😂

Al dejar Twitter me pregunte de q manera podría volver a estar en el techno chisme y como buen cyber ciudadano del 2005 🙃 he estado haciendo uso de Varios sitios-blogs aún lo ofrecen así q en las mañanas tomo mi taza de café y leo las noticias o escucho un podcast ☺️ 👍

Docker would be deprecated on Kubernetes 1.20 for performance.

Say goodbye, Docker, I will miss little whale.

@nihilipster I don’t agree with this. Nothing is private/hidden in Ruby anyway. With that being the case, a constant shows the intent of the data.

You can change constants for testing, as well. This is shown with stub_const or any class mocks. Class names are constants too, and are able to be changed/mocked at test time.

String init isn’t the only issue, hash init still exists here. You can do away with that with memoization, but then lose the advantage of being collected.

" is an upcoming protocol for enabling interoperability between services. Free alternatives (to , as example) exist but they do not solve the problem of centralization."

@nihilipster If I could teach every SQL-using developer one concept... it would be to run their queries prefixed by `EXPLAIN`, and learn to interpret the output. `SELECT *` is a horrible trend that just won't die - even in new software!

"% of in an ideal project? I'd say it's around 66.7%... allow me to be blunt and say that 1/3 of the code every is irrelevant, buggy, overly complicated, or simply sucks"

"7GUIs defines seven tasks that represent typical in . In addition, 7GUIs provides a recommended set of evaluation dimensions. GUI programming is in fact not an easy task."

The best way to learn #Haskell: Write code. It might not be pretty or perfect at first and there might be people telling you how you should be doing it differently, throwing around fancy words. Don't let that distract you. You are learning and that's great. 👍

Tengo la sensación de que las "buenas prácticas" de programación o desarrollo (clean code, SOLID, GRASP, design patterns, unit testing, etc) se han convertido en cultos religiosos 🤔 😱

En confencia: si mira, más q una pregunta es un comentario para evidenciar de q no sabes de lo q hablas...
En code review: si mira, más q un comentario es una pregunta retórica/sarcastica para evidenciar de q no sabes de lo q hablas...

"When I look at a problem (something is taking too much ), I think about how to do it less. The other option is to add more hw (& there are no guarantees that it will help)"

"After spend honey moon with for four years, I think I can share what I learn from Emacs and shed some light for newcomers."

Hace unos 10 años tuve la oportunidad de asistir a un taller de impartido por Erick (@erick_ikki_ en Twitter) en y apenas me entero que tiene su empresa en donde usa tecnologia alienigena 😉👍

I found another useful website :oh_no:
As name implies copy a bash command and paste it and it explains what that command does . Give it a shot

"A says "I take any number of arguments in my last parameter" while says "Functions may only take one argument at a time.""

"Like so many other things, ultimately is a trade-off. Finding the right balance is an art. And typically it's an art that we don't spend enough time thinking about. "

"I’ll describe a common example of information hiding in then express it in terms compatible with ... demonstrating how Haskell supports dynamic function dispatch in the presence of hidden type info."

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