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"’s conversion wrappers [methods] are attached to Kernel & therefore available in every scope but w/o affecting every other file or any gem dependency"

Avoiding Open-Classes/Monkey-Patching? 🤔

" and have shared goals and design priorities. Haskell ... when you need maximum productivity. Rust ... when you can plan a bit more and are willing to sacrifice some productivity for better performance"

Hasta el momento este theme para es de lo mejorcito que he encontrado... y me resulta muy fácil modificarlo ☺️👌 Basado en el theme "modus-themes" para .

"Fexprs break that assumption and they hand control of evaluating the operands to the body of the function itself. Isn’t this just lazy evaluation?"

I think this is a metaprogramming-macros thing 🤔

In case somehow you been under a rock, will be free to register this year. Seriously, just get in. Even if you don't use aws at all, this conference is like a yearly status report of the bleeding edge tech in computing. Absorb what you can, cause it is almost certain you'll be able to use what you learn.

"“Everything is an X” is a very high level pattern that you see applied in the design of lots of systems, including and user interfaces. It has a lot of advantages, and some disadvantages."

"It looks like about errors handling in , everything was already said. Let's put a light on some less known features related to errors."

"The Resurgence of track at Plus 2020 featured several experts describing how functional programming makes developing software a joyful experience."

"Either way we're stuck with the parlance of web browsers, the idiom whose very name its creator called a "marketing scam." JavaScript makes us yell. It makes us laugh. Above all, it makes us cry a barbaric NaN over the mechanical keyboards of the world."

"At Shopify, we try to embrace the principle of . We want people to make decisions confidently, but also be open to learning new and better alternatives, given sufficient evidence."

"Internal documentation facilitate knowledge transfer between team members, create better onboarding experiences, & promote consistency & efficiency within an organization"

"we will have to go through various concepts: Ownership/Borrowing, Lifetimes, Unsafe, Sync, Closures, Macros and more. This might be intimidating and I think this is where many developers are put off."

"a new create- -app consumes around 536M of dependencies. That’s a half gigabyte to run a boilerplate web page: It’s beyond insanity! Is this self-inflicted, or an outcome of a complex surface?"

"How long you can focus on a task varies by person... I believe that focus (the act of devoting your attention) is a skill, and like any skill, can be improved with practice."

"The issue here is not political correctness, it’s . The overwhelming monopoly that has as a code host is a problem that the community chooses to ignore."

Started working on, a gemini project to explore and document cyberpunk culture. And also create a community in the future.


Created a mailing list so that people can chime in and discuss.

Vídeos de con correspondientes al curso de "Informática" del 1º del Grado en de la Universidad de Sevilla (España) - José A. Alonso Jiménez

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