"Why Wasn't 3 Faster?. "Ruby 3 will be three times faster compared to Ruby 2" was clarified as "compared to Ruby 2.0.0 on the day it was released"... not "compared to Ruby 2 right now.""


"[RFC] Switching back to OpenSSL"... hoping to see this in . My main issue with LibreSSL is its updates, I have to rebuild all my local and installations with rbenv/pyenv.


" 3.0 was just released! The big new features this time are support for static analysis and the new concurrency features. Here are some of the highlights of this release."


"The goal of RBS is to support commonly seen patterns in programs and it allows writing advanced types... TypeProf is a type analysis tool... serves as a kind of type inference."


Si gustan unirse a un servidor de Discord pá platicar en español con developers, de México principalmente aunque hay uno que otro latino, sobre les invito a "El Sotano".


Me entero q "objeto funcional" es un ¿patrón? en del 2016 😕 Reconocible pq execute, run o perform hacen todo de todo. Acompañado de su primita, la "clase funcional" 😱


"The point is that “function” objects are not a thing. You are just doing / programming badly. If you want to write idiomatic , write objects which are nouns that carry out actions."


"My only aim here is to disabuse readers of the notion that can only make code better. It’s a tool, and whether it helps or hurts depends on how it’s used."


"Constants are "leaky abstractions" they expose to the outside world internal workings of a class that are not intended to be used as such."


"’s conversion wrappers [methods] are attached to Kernel & therefore available in every scope but w/o affecting every other file or any gem dependency"

Avoiding Open-Classes/Monkey-Patching? 🤔


"It looks like about errors handling in , everything was already said. Let's put a light on some less known features related to errors."



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