Prelude> import Data.List
Prelude Data.List> (map (\xs -> (head xs, (length xs))) . group) "aaaabbbcca"

"In this post... some of the philosophical underpinnings that explain some of the similarities and differences. : systems programming language. : purely functional programming language."

"In this post I'll demonstrate just how easy it is to shoot yourself in the foot with laziness. Laziness can be a pain in the ass, but you already knew that."

" doesn’t have a macro system, the kind that love. It has metaprogramming, yes. But not the kind that’s useful in the same way. Haskell could potentially have this."

" is not all that difficult, it is just different, and because of this, it is unfamiliar. Syntax: is not a C-like language. Computation Model: is not an imperative language."

"Of course there are many excellent tutorials out there already. However I found all of them either assumed too much knowledge. I hope this post closes a gap in the current menu of tutorials..."

"There are... naming patterns that are commonly used... in the ecosystem (including the standard libraries) that may help you to recognize the function’s meaning without looking at its documentation & even its type!"

"OK, serious talk here. I think the warnings issue I mentioned above should absolutely be fixed. We’re stuck with what we’ve got, possibly with minor ergonomic improvements."

"A , after all, is not (and was never meant to be) a ! The is both a programming language in itself and the foundation of all other functional languages."

Si eres de los que tiene cuidado con el contenido de $HOME/.local/bin y haces uso de stack recomiendo definir `local-bin-path` antes de ejcutar `stack install` y evitar sorpresas 🙃

"Like so many other things, ultimately is a trade-off. Finding the right balance is an art. And typically it's an art that we don't spend enough time thinking about. "

"I’ll describe a common example of information hiding in then express it in terms compatible with ... demonstrating how Haskell supports dynamic function dispatch in the presence of hidden type info."

Si gustan unirse a un servidor de Discord pá platicar en español con developers, de México principalmente aunque hay uno que otro latino, sobre les invito a "El Sotano".

" and have shared goals and design priorities. Haskell ... when you need maximum productivity. Rust ... when you can plan a bit more and are willing to sacrifice some productivity for better performance"

Vídeos de con correspondientes al curso de "Informática" del 1º del Grado en de la Universidad de Sevilla (España) - José A. Alonso Jiménez

"Ostensibly, it’s a very specific critique of newtypes. More broadly: type systems are tools, and we should be more conscious and intentional about what they actually do and how to use them effectively."

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