Alan Dipert: Common Lisp for the Curious Clojurian
"The focus of is not . It's not impossible to do but when it's done it's done by convention and with the help of libraries."

"Using the input and output characteristics of pure functions, pure functions are used as pipelines. Dataflow is formed by a series of pure functions in series."

"In general, we can ensure our use of state is principled by making sure that most mutation is done at the edges of the codebase, & then writing the rest of our code in a pure form"

"We'll start with fundamental questions about how programming should be modeled and work our way down to the platform toolkits (Swing, JavaFX, HTML, UIKit, etc)"

"Rather than focus on the tactics, the important ideas to take from are strategies, including:... Even without those FP tools in Python, we can keep the FP strategies in mind."

"Fexprs break that assumption and they hand control of evaluating the operands to the body of the function itself. Isn’t this just lazy evaluation?"

I think this is a metaprogramming-macros thing πŸ€”

"The Resurgence of track at Plus 2020 featured several experts describing how functional programming makes developing software a joyful experience."


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